Trapped in the Resonant Hole: An evening with Jeanne Vomit-Terror

A flurry of destroyed pop sounds hurtle toward you at breakneck speeds, lights flash chaotically. You’re at a concert within failing a failing internet, on stage is inimitable Jeanne Vomit-Terror. You’re not actually trapped in pop nightmare but at Al’s Bar of Lexington KY watching a member of the experimental music collective Resonant Hole (Which includes members from Hair Police, Burning Star Core, Three Legged Race & Attempt). The crowd is a little unsure of how to process Jeanne’s rise to the stage, she is the 3rd act of a line up of predominately dance music that evening. As the songs go on the crowd warms up swaying or bobbing their heads to the bizarre ruckus. She plays several songs by herself before inviting Ben Allen of Live Island on stage to play as guitarist. The set winds down and she thanks her adoring fans and says good night. While the music didn’t exactly fit the mood set by prior artists earlier in the evening (or later for that matter) it was undeniably one of the more memorable sets that evening.


Watch Below: