Tobacco – Sweatbox Dynasty

Tobacco is known for his psychedelic slimey/glitchy brand of synth-pop and on his 4th studio album he continues to bring that but with a much more controlled feel then some of his previous work. His earlier work was often so glitched out and distorted that it felt like a slimey-synth train about to fly off the rails. This album feels much more directed as if gliding through familiar territory but solidly staying on the track. The album starts off with Human Om (1) it’s somewhat monotonous but builds slightly throughout. Hong (2) is pretty short but has a decidedly Com Truseish vibe That I really dig. Wipeth Out (3) is the first track on the album that I think has the warped creepy glitched out sound Tobacco has built his sound around. Gods in Heat (4) has a much more mellow and almost polished sound. Home Invasionaries (5) has definite vaporwave influence. Dimensional Hum (6) has the most familiar Tobacco sound with distorted wavering vocals through out. Warlock Mary (7) sounds like what would happen if a video game soundtrack from the 8o’s got possessed. Suck Viper (8) is relatively minimalistic as far as this artist goes and a little boring. The Madonna (9) is a collection of glitchy seemingly half finished beats that jump back and fourth and overall feels a little incoherent. Fantasy Trash Wave (10) feels like the sound track to a garbage strewn cyber beach in the year 2045 and was one of my favorite tracks on the album. Memory Girl (11) has a solid beat and over saturated synth pounds along with cyborg vocals warbling along. The majority of the tracks on this album are less then 3 minutes long , the final track, Let’s Get Worn Away (12) however is six minutes long and cannot concentrate on what it’s supposed to be doing it meanders along jumping from murky beat to murky beat and never quite catches its stride

Recommend :2,6,7,10


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