After a 30 mile ride to neighboring town George town in the early fall of 2016
After a 30 mile ride to neighboring Georgetown in the early fall of 2016 (those are gnats)

I’m John O’shea. I’m a young person living in Lexington KY.  I’m one of the main organizers of Social Cycling Lexington, a local organization dedicated to creating more bike culture in the area. I’m a member of Y’all Racing, Kentucky’s only fixed gear criterium racing team and I also DJ at WRFL 88.1 from time to time. Cycling and music are my main passions and I strive to improve both scenes in the city I live. If you’re in Lexington and have opinions on cycling, bike advocacy or music, feel free to reach out via any social media or by email




“John you’re so funny I almost vomited”

~ Kelly McConathy on John’s sense of humor


“John is the red headed stepchild of the revolution”

~ Steve “The Socialist” Burt on John’s purpose


“You look like you have strong opinions on motor oil and Zizek.”

~ Michael Perry, unprompted.

“You look better then Kanye ever did”

~ Nick Dunaway on John’s sense of fashion